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BirdOur Story

In the beginning, we just wanted to find a way to bring our world-wide team together in a way was fun, engaging, and natural, that is, give everyone a nice... break.

We were tired of the lack of effectiveness and excitement in virtual bonding. Remote teams benefit so much from establishing connections that go beyond the individual projects they work on, but the options for forming those connections were time consuming, hard to organize, and added to the already existing digital workday fatigue.

It started as a small project to create interesting and modular virtual events and experiences for ourselves, but we soon realized that thousands of other teams were out there that could benefit from what we were doing, and Nicebreak was born.

Our events put employees’ needs first by combining our one-of-kind experiences with our drive to create connections that involve more than just sitting and talking to a screen. As businesses go global and the average workplace becomes more and more remote, we look forward to providing a space for teams to learn and engage no matter how far apart they’re located!

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